Tham Than Lod

Tham Than Lod Cave

Chaloem Rattanakosin National Park is the smallest park in Kanchanaburi Province offering visitors lush forests, steep jagged limestone mountains, waterfalls and the Tham Than Lod caves.

Tham Than Lod caves Kanchanburi

There are two caves on a 2.5 km trail which starts at the smaller Tham Than Lot Noi cave and runs along the course of the stream feeding the Trai Trueng Waterfalls, to the bigger Tham Than Lot Yai cave.

Subtle lighting illuminates the 300m walkway and the many stalactites that can be seen. A small stream Tan Lod cools The air in the cave is kept cool and pleasant by the small stream Tan Lod. The trail opens up into a lush 2km forest trail leads to the next cave, taking you past a huge tree covered with bamboo stakes that villagers use to climb and collect honey from bees nests in the upper branches.

Tourist attractions Kanchanaburi

Tan Lod Yai is a spectacular sinkhole with a natural stone arch over the stream. Ten minutes further on there is a temple and monastery in a shady serene setting offering an alternative route out of the park. The road winds through a bamboo forest and through a small Karen village Khao Lek to the main road.

The park provides day visitors with a picnic area amongst trees next to the stream which is great for the kids. There is also overnight accommodation in wooden chalets and a number of restaurants off the parking area. But the best place to eat is a small roadside stall at the front gate. They do som tam, larb and their Thai omelette is crispy and delicious.

Admission to the park is 40 baht for adults, children 20 baht ( foreigners 200 baht, children 100 baht) and a parking fee of 40 baht.

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