21/1 Not knowing anything about cultivating mushrooms in Thailand or elsewhere for that matter, I took to the internet. After thrashing around helplessly for awhile I managed to identify a source supplying mushroom growing bags or mushroom growing bottles. We bought 150 bags and carted them back home in the blazing sun and in the back of the bakkie.

This might well have been our first mistake. But what the heck we can only learn.

29/1 Most if not all the bags fruited and we took delivery of 200 bags from a different supplier. However they have not been incubated and we have them stacked in a dark dry room.

9/2 Purchased our second batch of mushroom growing bags (260 plus minus)

12/2 The new batch is sprouting and picked 180g from the first batchs second flush

13/2 450g this morning including two bags from the new batch. Now we have to move them and the shop is is WIP. Problem!

All shroom’s like temps Think environment (structure).
Some grow best in high C:N environs…
and some do not…
– Black Shiitaki and such like hardwood sawdust (200:1)
– Buttons on compost (<30:1)
– Oyster and Straw on Rice Bran or shredded rice straw (70:1).

Sometimes a sugar (such as a brown) is required.
Some may use a cheap (home-made) alcohol.
No ferts are required to grow ‘shrooms.
But all substrate “must” be pasteurized…
before the injection of the innoculm…
that is to say heated to 71C (160F) for 5~10 minutes before use,
and must remain uncontaminated.

Other considerations I have noted in posts:
in warm humid environs, other fungi/bacterial growth may occur…
that is on walls, floors, etc..
a mix of 50/50 bleach water in a sprayer solves that.
Just don’t let it get close to the ‘shrooms.

Disposal of the rice bran/straw substrate after the crop is finished is easy,
just dump it in a row, add some EM and turn the row often.
Then use it in the garden, around trees or sell it.
If the substrate is wood then find a place to dispose of it…
well it can be EM’ed and composted, just takes a long time,
and I do not use wood chips or sawdust in or around the property.

Here in LOS,
bags of premixed with everything can be easily ordered and delivered.
It’s not expensive on a small scale, (which is where they should start).

I don’t have links to the local sources.

I would suggest the following…
A) they need to source selling the potential output…
1 – sell them in the market themselves or
2 – sell them to a middle man or
3 – let the wife’s “aunts friend” close by sell them (get a profit) or
3 – just give them to the wife’s “aunts friend” to sell at no profit,
(that will be hard for them to do, even if you paid for everything).
🙂 The wife educates herself from doc’s from Thai Uni’s.
C) If “A” and “B” is satisfied then,
The wife source and order
10 bags each of oyster and straw ‘shrooms in pre-mix bags.
That will cost Let them start growing those for a whole year.
They do need the learning curve.

Pics from the wife’s “aunts friend” would be great…
and what ‘shroom she is growing and, and, and.

Some Links…

Growing Button ‘shrooms and others

mushroom cultivation with rice husk cow manure compost

Growing Oyster ‘shrooms


Mushroom Cultivation – For The Novice Grower

Getting Started with Mushroom Cultivation

then how to collect spores…
google search “collect”+”mushroom spore”



keep mushroom farm for next year…

Mushroom Spore Print

All of the above links are active 2009-11-12.
This is but a very small set of links.

Google is your friend…
search phrase “mushrooms thailand”. Thousands of sites.

Now I invite you to read other TV posts…

If they learn to do this…
(they will listen to the local gov of how to do it, but not a farang
which is why I mentioned the Thai Universities)
it will be another step to creating what they should be doing…
which is “a year round crop that is not rice”.

But all of this is relevant…
think transportation costs…
does not make sense to grow a lot of ‘shrooms
if one cannot get it to market at a decent price in time…
it is a perishable crop.

Honestly IF they can do this (year round),
they will discover that it may generate a decent income.

Here we grew oyster and straw ‘shrooms from bags…
not a lot, they did well, until the hot season.

Cheers and good luck!

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  1. Dear sir
    I read your article about mushroom growing in thailand it was very nice,im from norway travelling to thailand about two week.I like to learn about making the mushrooms spawn and about one week trainig where i can contect ?.

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