Growing bags

There is a business 12 km north of Mae Sot on Highway 105
across the highway from the fuel station and police box,
who not only have their own mushroom barns,
they sell bag kits to the general public.

They sell Clear Plastic bags, around 1.5 liter,
heat sterilized sawdust inside,
For B8.00 each
I presume that also comes with the spores for mushrooms to begin growing

At one time there was a mushroom expert who also operated a resort,
in the direction of Pai, in MaeHongSon province,

I know our mushroom spores come from the Talat Thai market at Rangsit on the left hand side of the main road just before Bangkok — that’s as if you are heading to Bangkok from Korat direction That’s where all our mushrooms go to every night.

I have seen little DIY mushroom cultivation kits in the organic produce shops (Lemon Farm?) in Paradise Mall.

10 Replies to “Growing bags”

  1. Hello, I am interested in getting some supplies to grow some mushrooms. I am a biology teach and am teaching about fungus. I would like some information about where i can go to get some supplies for growing mushrooms as an experiment for my biology class. I am currently located in the Bangkok area, Thailand

  2. My name is Stewart. I wish to buy mushroom spawn. I need about 4 types including oyster, Shiitake and Straw Mushrooms. Can I buy them from you. I am in Chiang Mai.

    1. Stewart I am afraid not. I had a contact who lived just outside Chiangmai. But it was a little while ago but I will see if I can dig out his details. Have you tried the Thai Visa forum?

    2. Checkout Lazada or Shopee. I’m in Bangkok and just got Grey Oyster and Fairy shipped to my door for 10 baht a bag. You can buy spawn or pre-inoculated bags for cheap.

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