My guess is you are over-watering them. Mulch around the plants, to keep the soil moist, not wet, stake them so that there is good airflow and no branches or leaves are touching the ground and only water around the base of the plants (ie avoid getting water on the branches) periodically.
When planting the seedlings out, or when the seedlings are two to three inches high sprinkle epsom salts liberally around them and water in (buy it at a farm supplies place as magnesium sulphate). Before flower buds start to form give them a dose of potash and water in.
Hello All, is magnesium sulphate kosher in OG growing?
Also, he not clear on what type problem he’s having, is it BER(blossum end rot) or something
caused by too much humidity. My tom’s are grown in full sun in poly bags of coir that sit on
my driveway hydroponicaly, both OP and Hyb. seed works good. I just transplanted plants
last week from saved seeds from last season of the Indigo Apple and Pink Berkley Tye Dye,
there’s pic’s of these 2 verities on the Hydroponic thread. Both plant’s seed is from TGS in FL.

I attempted to grow Beefsteak tomato’s a couple of years ago. I planted 40 plants and they all grew and all had nice large green tomato’s. Just as they were ripening, something got in them and they all rotted on the vine. I got not one tomato from them. I felt that maybe I planted late and they became mature in April which we all know is the hottest month of the year. I will try again this year and will have them planted in a couple of days. I read that tomato’s love calcium so if I can find “Bone Meal” I will add that to the soil. I am located near Ubon and soil here basically sucks. I miss tomato sandwiches.

Had a bumper crop of tomatoes in Chiang Mai last year. Many different kinds. Even canned some. biggrin.png This year — not so great. Just back from traveling and the plants are not looking so good. Scrawnier than they should be and a bit yellow tinted. I’m guessing not enough nitrogen, which means I probably brought the wrong kind of soil. It’s kinda early in the season, however, though kinda not… I have more seedlings and a different type of soil to put them into. Will be doing that this week.

I always start my first set of seeds in late July/August. Those plants usually get transplanted in early October? But I usually have to protect them from the heavier rains and sun as they start to take off. Fruit in late November/December. I usually also start a second set of seeds when I transplant the first set. But come late March/April, the tomato season’s all finished when it comes to good tasting (heirloom) plants.

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