What type?? Not all hydro suppliers in BKK carry what you might want. NFT, DFT, or bag-slab(tomato/pepper/cucumber/melon). ACK Hydrofarms, Accent(where I got my meter) Fresh Garden. Will post the address and #ph today when I get up. There is a big outfit in CM that’s Dutch. They have rockwool, nutrients, and do greenhouses. From sweet peppers to strawberries. Big greenhouse setup in Pac Chong doing tomatoes and other G-H’s doing melons.
I do some bag growing with cour or cubed coconut husk and rice hulls.

Theres a place in BKK that sells this type of DFT but cant find the address. They look like mini green houses(covered wagons without the wheels), Ive been to the BKK place several times, what I like about this system is you can get a lot into a small space. Its good for greens/lettuce/herbs
Their net pot uses a foam cube as a growing media instead of perlite or vermiculite like FG or ACK

Netafim sells green house & hydro systems.

Accent/ACK/Fresh Garden sell NTF systems.

Dutch Greenery (I think from my e-mails) does mostly rockwool slabs and perlite buckets with the strawberry.

Chia Tai parent Co does G-Houses and they do sell cocopeat/bags. CTs has a big farm expo in Jan http://www.chiataigroup.com/
Location: Conchareon Farm, Wangdong District, Kanchanaburi Province, Muang.

There is a Thai Ag Message Board that has hydro section with pictures. You can find it through www.kehakaset.com its all in THAI

Last 2 things, I get House Agriculture Magazine each month for the Pictures, only 50B., but has the most info on whats going on in Thailand and lists local and international Ag shows and meetings, and usually has an hydro articles. Last, I use www.hydro-gardens.com for a reference

I’d like to try using local media like coir and rice husks. Growers in western countries are now trying these as alternatives to rockwool, peat, perlite, etc, so since we have these materials on our doorstep I think it makes more sense then importing stuff from the west.

Hello MudDoc, have you decided on the NTF or the DFT system? Each type has there pro’s and con’s.
I don’t know if you got this link off the DFT site? http://www.kmitl.ac.th/hydro/
Click on the top row, R/H NFT picture. A friend of mine grows in a 2.5″ white PVC pipe system like this by Chi Am. The stand is made from pre slotted “L” angle you can get at most building supply store’s. The PVC(2 1/2″) is made in BKK, but you have to make the cup holes. On cup size holes, of the 3 major types you can get are, the ones from Bangsai that use the foam cube media, are smaller and will fall through ACK/Access/F-G NTF tubes. The other black net pot are taller and larger in dia. The green ones come in a break-apart sheet, look like a plug flat, are faster and easier to handle than single cups. ACK uses the green ones. For small fittings and tubing try; www.superproducts.com has a catalog(PDF) in English, also great for dripirrigation parts, LDPE and HDPE fittings, filters and ventury fertilizer injectors.
He used a 30-50L.(?) blue barrel for the nutrient tank, buried in the ground(keeps nut’s cooler) and a JUN Power Head HX-5000 for the pump. The rest is the growing and their is a learning curve if you haven’t grown with hydro. Forgot, the 2 1/2″ white PVC is flared on one end, so you don’t need couplers/sleeves.
If you haven’t grown before, I suggest that you get a 2-4M NTF and a smaller of the DFT systems and give them a test run. See which one you like the best.(for you) You can always use one for a nursery. On the link page, you can see close spacing nursery systems, don’t you need them before grow-out.
If you haven’t been, go to BKK and go to Bangsai and Accent and look at their systems in operation. These are the two that are more ENGLISH speaking friendly.
1. DFT, less plumbing, but more electric and more tanks to check EC and top off.
2. NTF, more plumbing, only need wire to the pump and maybe metering/dosing system. At Access, there nutrient tank also has a backup gas pump if the power goes off to keep the nutrients flowing. An hour in the sun and no nutrients, cooked greens and 60+ days behind. Get the CD from Bangsai to show your workers, if the can’t grasp the movie, get someone who asks questions, an UN-Thai trait.
You still may need shade cloth and misting in Pattaya

Another option for growing media is Hydrotron, grow rocks. You use them in a larger net pot to anchor the roots instead of cour/rockwool. I got 10 BIG net pots that hold 3Lt’s that fit over the top of a 5Gal bucket to make a recirculating system. Grow rocks come in 2 different sizes, clean and use again.
Meters, get a good EC meter, I like my Accent SalTesta, my friend likes Hanna, and his wife likes the one from Fresh Gardens. Get a pH test kit, not a meter, buy a spare EC meter instead. I don’t make pH adjustments to my nutrients, the water is good here, but always check.
You should be able to grow in a 4x4x8 black poly bag if using cour or mix.You could use larger bags and put more plants per bag. You can do a run to waste W or W/O waste collection. W, make a 1M wide trench on slope ,plastic lined filled with rock or gravel a few inches thick. Grow bags on top of the rocks. Make a drainage to a sump, use sump water to water garden.
I think its www.tctthainet.com that carries 1M and 2M wide rolls of 4″X4″ netting for plant support. Used flat to keep them from bending and breaking, SOP for long stem flowers. They have clips to fasten sheeting, netting or shade cloth to pipe and clips to hold fabric when using cable.
Nutrient system, use a & b tank, batch tank and pump. LDPE supply lines with dripper/spaghetti/drip stake?
Supper Products drippers are 1/2 the cost of Netafim or Nann Dan and can be taken apart and cleaned, the others are toast. It’s best if you can use a repeat cycle timer or other fine adjustable timer, nutrients CO$T and you want to make not lose. Green Air makes a good RCT,need from UK,OZ or NZ if Laos is V220??
Another option is Rain8, but you need a full time computer(24/7) to run it. Old laptops work good as you can use a solar charger for the battery, even run it off a car battery and not need a power line.
Of all the info on nutrients I’ve run across, Nutron 2000 is a software program that is on my list to get. It also besides hydro will do dirt mixes.(around $150.us)

Hello MudDoc, there is a book called “Hydroponic Lettuce Production” I didn’t get because I didn’t grow it, but it’s suppose to be good. In the same series there is 2 more, peppers and a tomato one. If you are not in LOS, go to a hydro store and look around, ask what they recommend for a EC meter, things here not cheap here.
On using the 2.5″ white PVC pipe over the NTF tube is that it’s imported, their is a 30% duty on plastic products imported.
The Bangsai DFT is nice system, a few years back, they had a special at BKK. Buy a system and the gave you a “years supply of seed and nutrients”. But do shop around and look at NTF and DFT systems. If you want to do 1.5 rai, you’ll want some automation and the DFT, each unit has it’s own tank to look after.

Hello longfan, the place in CM is the only place I know of in LOS that has seed for large fruit, most other sources have nothing over 130-40 grm.. Their maybe, but I don’t bother looking. I’m from the states and I use online to order to friends house, some way it makes it here. My #1 is Tomato Grower Supply in FL, they have a good selection of tomatoes, peppers, chillies and eggplant. They sale bulk, but not online. It was $10. to have them mail a catalog here. Other dealers are Stokes, Harris, Seed Savers Exchange, Willhite and Fedco for untreated seed.
Except for the black’s and a special few heirlooms , I only grow Det. not Ind. Ind’s take more work as I grow outside and there is a lot more heat set Det’s. Here’s some I’ve had work good. BHN-189, BHN-444 and 640. Harris Moran- Solar Fire(will try to post pix of last S-F crop), Creole, Floralina, Florida 91, Health Kick Hyb (which is 50% higher in lycopene than “most” tomatoes), Heartland, Heinz 1439, Homestead 24F, Kewalo, Momotaro, Porters Pride, Shady Lady(big in Calif.), Sioux and Super Sioux, Solar Set, Sun Master, Tomande, Super Bush and Mexico. I left off the “VFN” ect. and Hyb. to save time, some are Ind. but most Det., these are what I’ve grown by hydro in LOS, a few in dirt to. Paste tomatoes: Classica, La Roma II, Principe Borghese(the real thing for sun dried tomatoes), Victoria Supreme, Viva Italia(the package from FL said “product of Thailand” also my Serrano del Sol’s and Fairy Tale eggplant).
For cherry, I like Black Cherry from TGS.
For nutrients for cour, read this: http://www.cocopeat….hydroponics.asp
and : http://www.vgrove.co…t/growbags.html
I use hangers and clips off a wire for support for all tomato, Det & Ind, eggplant and chillies and peppers.
Besides buckets and black poly bags, I tried white on black 10″ & 12″ poly NTF tube, it’s like a slab bags, I found a place in Portland OR that sold by the FT. as I wanted to try, but a roll was more than I needed and the shipping cost was to much. It does work much better than bags/buckets outside and doesn’t fill up with rain water.
Again, of the seed co’s in LOS, Known You Seed Co in CM shows big tomatoes in there O/L catalog, but don’t ship them to LOS. My ag store in Korat tried to order, but they said no have. They do show a long white egg new this year, looks nice.
At 2 of the stores here in Korat that sell hydro “no spray” cantaloupe and Gala for Bt.80-120 each, can you tell me why people want to break there back growing watermelons? Even if you only get 1/3 the retail.

I’m so glad I found this forum and hope someone here can help me. I have tried using coconut coir from local nurseries (Chonburi, Chantaburi and Trat) for both soiless and hydroponic applications. All the coco seems to have LARGE amounts of salt in the mix. I have tried many times to wash and soak the coco to remove the sodium but can never remove it. My friend gave me his EC meter and it shows a PPM of more than 1200 when I test the “washed” coco.

Does anyone know where to purchase coco coir that has benn treated to remove the salt??? I have located a distributor in Australia but the costs to Thailand are astronomical.

Hello longfan, those are the tomatoes that did well, a lot more didn’t. Remember I don’t grow in a net/green
house, so I can’t control the environment they grow in. I do everything by hand, that means feeding(watering) them 3 times a day. I won’t go through all the things you can read about on the Net or in books about care, there’s a hands on learning curve, like extra waterings(water only or lower EC nutrient’s) when it’s HOT.
Don’t waste money on an PH meter, buy a match the color Bt.160. one at a aquarium shop. You will find that the you don’t need to check them often unless you go BIG SCALE. I have the Up & Down I bought 6 years ago, never used it. If your water supply you make your mix from is OK, and you check your mix and discharge and it’s OK, you don’t need the meter, it won’t change that much, I check every month or two. I’ve only had 50
plants growing at time, so yours may be different.
Tonight the had on Ch9(Thai TV) a ag program about CM and showed hydro/greenhouse tomatoes being grown and processed, and soil grown green’s and carrots.

Hello JungleBiker, the sites look nice, but flower growing is way beyond any of my plans. You can make more $$$ per Sq. Ft. growing flowers than veg’s, but like to eat things.
The new issue of House AG Mag has a big picture story of the 2007 Taipei Int. Flower Show, a couple of stories on hydro(nice picture of hydro/GH sweet peppers in CM. Chiataigrop has a “promation on nethouses starting at Bt.300. @ sq.meter. One on raising plug tray chillies and one on coffee.
I ran across this, I don’t know if anybody else has posted it, but it may help when there is a language problem when you need a Thai/Eng on chem and fert products. Its a PDF.
Access in BKK has Practical Hydroponics & GH magazine and 1-2 years back issues and the only place I’ve found it, if anybody knows of another source here in LOS, speak up.
Are you planning to bye slabs or make your own? Have you looked at an Eldar Shany to control?

Thanks rice, now I have the same opinion. I’m wondering if there are “flushing agents” available here??? Gen Hydro and Botanicare in USA sell Clearex and Floraclean to remove salt and fertilizer residue from hydro mediums. Anyone???

Another question I posted in another forum… I bought some “EX-M” (extra microorganisms) recently and my plants love it. Their website (www.ex-m.net) is down so no info there. Anyone know what’s in this stuff and what strength to use per liter of water for potted plants??? Thanks


Hi – I’m actually from the Philippines, I have a backyard hydroponics setup using Autopots and NFT. I have been trying to find hydroponics suppliers in Thailand, when I came across this site. I have been going over the forums trying to find sources for media (light expanded clay aggregate or LECA, Perlite, etc), as well as hydroponics farms I may visit to gain more knowledge. If you have any info to point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. I have good memories of Bangkok, most of it invloves good food . I plan to swing by Singapore (to see the green roofs on their building roof tops), then head over to Bangkok to see the hydroponics farms/suppliers.

Hello redfirehorse, the main places are listed on the other post(s), things don’t change fast here. Wouldn’t it be easer to get things direct to the PI from OZ?
While your in the SQ airport after you check in to ‘leave’, check the potted plants, they use hydrotron (growrocks).
Aerogreen may be open for tours in SQ, big areoponics farm, a friend showed me his pictures.
Have a nice trip

Yeah, hydrotron is what I was looking for. It goes by the names LECA, Hydrotron or Hydroballs. I was trying to order these locally, my source said they had run out, and they were waiting for their shipment from Thailand, hence my search in Thailand. I have tried coco peat, Perlite, pebbles, crushed clay bricks and Hydrotron. Hydrotron looks to be the best medium so far.

As for shipping from Australia, shipping costs are quite high, from what I have experienced (there may be cheaper alternatives I don’t know about).

Hello redfirehorse, except for the coconut and sand, everything is imported here, a lot from OZ.
If you are doing a recirculating system, hydrotron is great, but I’m doing run to waste and having good luck with the plant in a small bag with mix of sand, perlite and coco peat and that in a bucket or larger bags with pieces of coco husk. I’m getting set up to do a couple hundred plants this way, except to use tosted rice hulls instead of the perlite. Hope the rain stops soon so I can move these plants out into full sun, they only get 2 hours of full sun a day, but they still supply some fruit.

I am moving away from my recirculating system, checking my pH and EC every day is not my idea of fun. Most of my plants use the Autopot’s SmartValve. My present medium is a mixture of coco peat and pebbles 1:1. At the bottom of my pots, I place a small capillary mat to soak up the liquid. Then I put the pot on top. Inside the pot, I put a root control fabric, then about an inch of pebbles. I then fill up the pot with the 1:1 coco peat/pebbles mixture. So far, no problems. If Hydrotron is being imported from Australia, I’ll take a look there.

Hello SAP, ACT’s is supplied by:
and another place I found for GH’s:
Mr. Vitoon Sultornsanee,MD
21/40-41 Ngamwongwan Rd.
Ladyao, Chatuchak
Bangkok 10900
Tel : 02-5611117 Fax : 02-5614777
Greenhouse equipment and Technology

HAOGENPLAST LTD. is the parent Co. in Israel.

Some additional info would be useful. Is this a hobby thing, or do you intend to seriously farm hydroponically? I mention this because if you’re going commercial you’ll need to decide your crops, power supplies, possible greenhouses, water supplies and supply and back up systems. I’ve done it as a sort of hobby, but abandoned the idea when I got a handle on the investment required to go commercial.

There’s also the most important question of who you’re going to sell to and how you can maintain your supply to the customers once you’ve convinced them that you have a first class product line.


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