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Lang hub is a very useful website if you are trying to learn thai. They have lots of different free lessons on the website. For example if you wantd to come to Thailand for a holiday lang hub has a travel thai lesson which helped me when i was going to thailand to visit relatives. Lang hub has a short lesson for lots of situations like around town,at thebeach, at the pharmacist,at the reasturaunt and many more. I think the site is one you should take a look at if you want to learn thai. my final score for lang hub is…

10/10 link to the site bellow


Learn thai for free

Those things above the text i am writing  are thai vowels. There are 15 vowel symbols that combine into atleast 28 vowel forms. For me it was very diffucult to learn the vowels because they seemd very complicated at first but over time it becme much easier. One more thing. The red symbols are the vowels and the black symbols are the letters of the alphabet. The black just shows where the letter goes when writing the vowel.


Now those things above the text are the letters. In total there are 44 letters so the first 44 letters there are the letters the rest i dont really know… Im still learnig aswell so dont critizize me im also 13. Ok so thoe are..letters….. thats basicly it those are letters learn them like they are abc. But alot of them sound the same so be carful when saying them.

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