We make both a spicy chilli as well as the normal corriander spiced biltong. This mostly for our personal use. But we do sell locally in 75g packs for 150baht. We also post. And can do custom orders at a 20% discount for two and a half kg’s or more.

Biltong in Thailand
We buy our meat at the market, trim and remove as much of the sinew as possible. We then vacuum pack and leave it in the fridge for four to six weeks. So supply is dependent on what is available at the time the order is placed.

For every 1kg meat – mix the following spices:
18 grams salt
2 grams black pepper
1 gram brown sugar
4 grams coarse coriander
Worcestershire sauce
Sprinkle meat with spice mix and Worcestershire sauce alternatively. Use the Worcestershire sauce sparingly.
Let it rest for 12 hours and mix well again.
Let it rest for another 12 hours and hang in well ventilated room or in front of the fan, or in a Biltong Cabinet WITHOUT WARM AIR!

Biltong and boerewors (can’t be found) (can’t be found)
Prime food service 82/49 M6 Soi Neunplabwan Banglammung 20260
sales[at] phon 0941125100 for English.(can’t be found)

Hi guys, I’m a half Thai/South African local staying in Bangkok. I just launched my first startup business. I want to be Thailands main supplier or Biltong, and in the future other cured meats. Our Biltong is made with fresh authentic South African spices, no preservatives or artificial flavoring.If you’re on the hunt for Biltong and want to support locally check out:
Authentic Biltong, made in Thailand using traditional South-African spices! Free from any artificial flavouring, preservatives, & MSG!
Our beef is premium, free range, & grass fed.
The product can be sent directly to your doorstep!
Order sizes & prices are:
100g – 150Baht
250g – 350 Baht
500g – 650Baht

Choose from original (starting at B150/100g) or peri-peri (B190/100g). You can also state your preference for wet or dry and lean or fatty meat when placing an order through Facebook. – See more at:

Please message directly to the page or email for orders
Bangkok Biltong
Number 37 Sri Ayuthaya Road Dusit Bangbo 10300

Phone: +66 880 190650

Still looking for biltong? Biltong being made with old traditional South African recipe and way. If you are interested i can send some samples of chilli bite which is awesome with cold beer. And biltong as a snack. With cheese biscuits snd biltong with cold beer cannot be beaten mail me at *removed* all biltong and droe wors(dried sausage) vacuum packed.
Cheers get hungry in the meantime

Salati Thai Visa (No response)
see http://www.tiktoktha…african-biltong

Of course, it doesn’t stop at Biltong: Your ฿500 voucher (costing you just ฿235!) can also be used to buy Beef Droëwors, Beef Meatstix, Beef Snapstix and even Biltong Snack Bars.

South African Biltong Thailand, run by Eugene and Nittaya Cloete, is Asia’s leading biltong importer and supplier. Very professionally run, you can be sure to receive a prompt and efficient service through their online store.

Team TikTokThai (not contactable)!about–t-g-m (No response to mail)

THE BUTCHER OF TOP GRADE MEAT & BILTONG Pieter Schoeman was born on the 15th of February 1975 in a small “Boeretown’ Lydenburg in Mpumalanga South-Africa. He lived there till he was about 4 years old,than moved to a town called Tzaneen where he stayed with his parents till he was about 12. They then moved to Kwazulu Natal to a very small town called Mandini than moved again to a great town called Empangeni. Pieter then started being a Butcher when he was only 13 years old with the Company called ‘Zululand Baconry” owned by Alexis Steenkamp and butchery called “Kwa Mtanti’.The manager of “Kwa Mtanti” Kokkie Krous that he is still friend’s with today after 23 Years. He then moved to work with the same owner just a different butchery uptown called “AG Meat Market also owned by Zululand Baconry.Here he learned a lot from Manager Ernst Erasmus or as everyone called him”Rassie”.Rassie was a qualified Butcher and Chef by trade. He then worked and trained to be a Meat Technician with Rassie for about 8 years and also became the youngest Assiatant Butchery Manager in the region in 1994.Then he became the youngest Butchery Manager in 1995 for Zululand Baconry. In 1997 Pieter became Butchery Manager for Pick n Pay Butcheries owned by Mr. Raymond Ackerman which had over 400 stores and 40,000 employees working for him and was National and International with 200 stores in Australia aswell called “Franklins”. Pieter than went on to became Senior Butchery Manager for Pick n Pay at their superstores called “Hypermarkets” In Durban Kwazulu Natal. He then became a “Share Holder” with “Mini Company Shares” with Pick N Pay Butcheries.Also in 2005 Pieter got his qualification as a “Meat Cutting Technician” at Apex Training Center in Johannesburg.Qualified to make everything like a “Fleish Master”-Cold meats,ham’s and polonies to Russians. He then moved to a bigger “Hypermarket” in Port Elizabeth South-Africa which was a great experience and became a young “Area Manager” and still in charge of “The Hypermarket” butchery and over seeing other Pick N Pay smaller Butcheries. Pieter than resigned from Pick n Pay Butcheries and decided to join another Company called “SUPER SPAR” in Johannesburg South-Africa in 2009.He picked up a lot of experience working for Spar in the one year that he worked there. In 2010 Pieter decided to leave the Meat Business and became an English Teacher in Thailand,in 2011 he became a HR Manager for a Company. NOW I decided to supply meat in Thailand to all. TOP GRADE MEAT & BILTONG Is 100% Pure Beef and we only use the Best of the Best Beef. PIETER SCHOEMAN ( MASTER BUTCHER )

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  1. I always order from Biltong Buddy Thailand (chiang mai) They ship nationwide. Exceptional quality, exceptional service.
    They do not add colorants or other taste enhancers.
    Try them!

  2. Siam Biltong Company in Bangkok makes the best biltong and they ship anywhere in thailand , Good quality and always fresh

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