If you are looking for mango and sticky rice Pantip Plaza in Bangkok would be a good place to start. But if you are looking for computer equipment it’s not your best choice. Pantip is well known and it’s where most computer or tablet shoppers go. Geared to service tourists, is heaving with fast talking touts, false smiles, unscrupulous sales people and is world-famous for its bootleg software and scams.

Rather shop around, shop local. There are thousands of places selling cell phones, smart phones and accessories. Some also sell computers, laptops and tablets. The bigger centres offer malls that have large IT sections or if you are lucky even an IT Mall.

Fortune Town IT Mall in Din Daeng, Bangkok is a good place to start. It offers several hundred small shops selling computers, tablets, cameras and other electronics. It is also where most Thais shop as prices are cheap. You can also try at the MBK mall, the Digital Gateway next to the Siam sky train station, Mega Bangna, Future Park Rangsit and Seacon Square.

Look around, shop around and if you are buying more than one thing bargain. Make sure you also take the free stuff that comes with your purchase of a computer into account. Free stuff is almost always included when buying any electronic item in Thailand. A keyboard, a mouse, a cleaning kit, mouse pads, laptop bags, whatever is going to secure the deal. Don’t just compare prices. If you see a computer, laptop or tablet you want at several shops, you must also ask what the free items are that come with the purchase.

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