Fly bait in Thailand

Ants – We had a big problem with ants in the kitchen, they just seemed to pour out of every crack and crevice. Tried various poisons but the only one they actually fell for was ARS, it comes with a sachet of poison and and refillable plastic holder, they happily marched back to their nest with it, and that was that.

It’s really very simple to come up with your own method of getting rid of the nasty buggers, including making your own sticky fly paper.
You will need…
-2 cups of water
-2 cups of sugar
-2 cups of honey, corn syrup, or maple syrup
-Sturdy brown paper
-Baking tray
-A hole punch (can be improvised) and scissors

Cut some strips of strong brown paper, like from an old paper grocery bag, about 6-10 inches long. The length is really up to you. At the top of each strip punch a hole and thread a piece of string through it, tying it off to form a hanging loop. In a saucepan, mix 1 part water, 1 part honey, and one part sugar, and heat until it is well combined. Let the mixture cool a little and then dip each paper strip into the syrup, coating each side well. Suspend the strips over a baking tray and leave to drip. When they’re dry, your sticky fly papers can be hung anywhere you need them. Be warned-these do catch flies, and they will fill up.

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