Best Beef

I have still to find that menu offering one a decent steak, egg and chips at a reasonable price, let alone having had much luck with finding good cuts of beef in Thailand. Passion Delivery do source and supply gourmet foods which they deliver country wide.

But it comes at a price and I have opted to rather start at Makro’s frozen food section.

A near neighbour also slaughters and supplies beef. I can only guess that means fresh, still quivering and as tough as old boots. And I seriously doubt terms well hung, matured steaks and dry aged apply.

But we will try and improvise where necessary.

Green meat is the term used to describe “young meat”. The meat which I expect to find at the market. This however has nothing to do with the colour of the meat. Its fresh meat, altogether too fresh. It is a term which is used much like the way we describe a person who lacks experience.

When cattle or any animal is slaughtered, the muscles undergo a change called rigor mortis. And whilst enzymes present in the muscle tissue will act to help soften the connective tissue, thus tenderizing the meat. This stiffness, in beef, can take three or four days to disappear.

If you try to cook and eat the meat while it is still green, it will be tough, and it would also be less flavourful. So, we need to age beef at least for a few days. But at the same time, you don’t want to let it start spoiling. There is a difference between aged beef and spoiled beef. Don’t believe that aging beef means to let beef grow old. If you do you will probably end up with spoiled beef rather than nicely aged beef.

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