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Buriram Pie Man and Star Foods Buriram. Suppliers of quality, frozen, western and Indian food. Have a vast product range including meat pies, fruit pies and crumbles, pasties, Scotch eggs, sausages, bacon, ham, sliced meat, lasagne, chilli con carne, beef stew, Indian curries, pickles and cheeses. Offer a comprehensive delivery service. Local deliveries in and around Buriram are free. Delivery to other provinces may incur a small delivery charge.


Lady Pie was started by Susan Usher in early 2004 in Phuket. Now a regular stream of customers come to sample Lady Pie products at the pie shop in Cherng Talay. This is supplemented by a wide range of wholesale customers which includes many supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and bars throughout Thailand. Available at Villa Markets. She used to supply pie warmers so you can have them sitting warm in your bar


Ty Hanson in Nongbua Lamphuan Alabaman has a flower shop right across the Nong (lake) right near the corner where Wirapon hospital is. He does Steak, Steak and onion, chicken. all for sixty baht. they are personal pies. You can also get some pies at Fuzzy Kens in Udon, but he charges like a hundred baht.

I buy my pies from the friendship supermarket in pattaya a firm called the bakery

Star bakery in Pattaya – they do a pie which is liver and bacon which I hear is to be avoided, but they do mince n onion, steak n kidley and their chicken n mushroom are supposed to be orgasmic. 55baht but you have to order 10. And they personalise with your bar name/initials for free

Their number is 0943215263

Withes Pie Factory near ekkamai are the best I’ve tasted: witch-tavern.com/witchpie/index.html

The speciality of Thailand is Porkie Pies. You can get them absolutely everywhere.

The best pies I have ever had are from Yorkies the Bucher in Pattaya they sell wholesale to shops you can also go into Friendship Supermarket South Rd they have a large fridge just for pies. Yorkies will put your orders on a bus to BBK. Full range of pies, Pork, S/Kid, sausage rolls Cornish, meat/potatoe etc.yorkies-pattaya.com

The BEST pies in Thailand.
Are Yhong’s pies in Patong Phuket.
Big and freshly made.
I can guarantee them.
Contact Yhong on 0872665076( Rick).

August 28 2001

Thai Police have intervened in a turf war among British pie sellers in Thailand after fists flew and guns were produced at a showdown in the beach resort of Pattaya.

One man has been arrested and bailed and the ‘pie men’ from Birmingham and Bradford have been ordered to cool it in a trade dispute over who supplies sausages, pork , chicken and meat pies, and Cornish pasties to the thousands of British tourists at the beach resort.

Harper’s copyright
Armed police from 100 miles away in Bangkok intervened in the dispute last week between, on one side, the ‘Simple Simon’ pie company owned by Brian Fewtrell, and Wayne Faulkner Harper from Birmingham, and on the other Robin Wallbank, 62, from the Royal Oak meat pie company of Bangkok.

Last night Mr.Wallbank who received a black eye said:

“Suddenly the pie business has taken on an ugly side. I have been in Thailand selling successfully for over ten years when all of a sudden it seemed like the Mafia was moving in.”
“I did not have any time to say anything. I was grabbed round the neck and then thrown to the floor. I saw one of the ‘Simple Simon’ men standing over me ready to smash me with a snooker cue.
“Just then police broke in drew out their guns and pressed them to the temples of my adversaries. I had reported the matter to a colleague who was a policeman but I wasn’t expecting such drastic action. However I am thankful they intervened”.

Wayne Faulkner Harper, 55, from Birmingham said:

Reporter fled the scene

“It was all a misunderstanding. I don’t really want to comment. But we do not want to go to war. There is plenty of business here for us all.
“When police arrived I was buried under a pile of them. One drew a gun and held it to my throat. It was scary. Even a reporter from the local English newspaper ‘The Pattaya Mail’ ran off when he saw what was happening.”

Pattaya police said that Ray Rose, 59, a former London massage parlour operator, who now runs the Jigsaw Pub in Jomtien, had been arrested and bailed in connection with allegations of assault, and licensing irregularities. Mr. Rose had a contract to sell ‘Simple Simon’ pies.

A local British pub owner said:
“It’s a storm in a tea cup which got out of hand. ‘Simple Simon’ had just started up and had announced they were going to wipe out all the opposition.

“They should settle the matter by throwing pies at each other not with fists and guns.”
A British Embassy source said: “The pies in our canteen come from another source so we will not be affected.”

Pie Wars from the Birmingham Post


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  1. Thailand does not need these British criminals. Kick them out now before they spread their poison in the country.

    1. I assume your concern has to do with the wars in Pattaya. A city that is well known for unpalatable excesses. Rather than the humble pie you refer to.

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