The secret is you don’t need to keep your kitchen at 18 deg C, you need to keep the pastry you are rolling at 18 deg C, which is a whole lot different. So, make your shortcrust pastry in your usual way, then wrap it in clingfilm and bung it in the fridge for a couple of hours to let it harden up. I often leave pastry in the fridge overnight and roll it out the following morning.

When you are ready to make your pasties, remove the block of chilled pastry from the fridge, unwrap the block and cut off enough pastry to make one pasty. Re-cover the block and return it to the fridge. Place the lump you have cut off between two sheets of waxed/silicone paper on a clean chopping board and roll out the pastry to your desired thickness.

Carefully peel off the top sheet of paper and put it to one side. Turn the bottom sheet over (with the rolled pastry attached) and place it face down on a second, floured, chopping board. Peel off the lower sheet , place the filling on the rolled out pastry, fold and crimp as normal and slide the pasty onto a baking tray.

Repeat the process as many times as you like depending on the quanitity of pastry/filling you have. The thing is you can re-use the sheets of paper until they rip/disentigrate then you tear another sheet off the roll an continue.

i bake all my own pies,pork,beef&onion,corned beef and steak,i make most with hot water crust pastry.
60% all purpose,and 40% bread flour.
for the mixture pork fat rendered down,unsalted butter and water brought to the boil,mix with the flour and cool.
i use the foil pie dishes from makro[aro] you will find its easy to mould from the base to the top of the dish.great pastry.

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