We stock and can supply the following sausages in Nong Prue and Kanchanaburi

Breakfast Pork (12)
Fat Boy (5)
Pork and Tomato (5)
Lincolnshire Pork Sausage (5)
Cumberland Beef Sausage (5)

And will take orders for:

Pork Sausage Meat
Pork and Chilli Sausages
Chipolatas Sausage wrapped In Streaky Bacon
Irish Pork Sausages
Olde English Sausages
Cocktail Pork Sausages
Scottish lorne Sausages
Yorkshire Black Pudding (with fat)

First it was Pie Wars – that’s when Britain’s merchants of steak and kidney and chicken pies went to war in Pattaya, Thailand, and police were called to a punch up in Jomtien on the eastern seaboard where fists (and snooker cues) flew and guns were drawn.

Now comes ‘Sausage Wars’ as ten years on the intense rivalry among the purveyors of the Great British breakfast seems to be heading to the courts.

While Britain reels under the horsemeat scandal and stories in the Daily Mail of ‘killer sausages’ (Apparently one in 30 people dies prematurely through eating processed meat) the world now has to wait to see if some 18 international schools in Thailand and even Britain’s prospective Honorary Consul to Pattaya Tropical Bert Elson will get their daily British bangers – referred to on ‘Yes Minister’ as emulsified high fat offal tubes.

At the centre of the latest controversy is a British, er, delicacy, known as the ‘Fat Boy’ or ‘Cumberland Fat Boy’ sausage.

Apparently this sausage in Thailand was pioneered and copyrighted by Wayne Faulkner-Harper, 67, a Dudley, West Midlands, based butcher, who worked in Thailand amongst others for Tesco-Lotus, and the Central Group, meat departments.

Wayne seems to be a bit of an old pro. He has a website

It seems some of his former associates have run off with his patented product and many Brits who of course come to Thailand chasing cheap ‘beer’ and ‘birds’ may luck out on the comfort food that keeps them going.

He is seeking compensation.

Top of the list are Asia West Foods Ld., who have been selling Cumberland Fat Boy sausages to Big C, and possibly Lotus.

They are based on the outskirts of Bangkok and have strong connections with the colourful Eclipse Group, which has been running restaurants and bars and nightclubs in Bangkok and has very strong connections to the ownership of Nana Plaza Entertainment Plaza of sexual titillation.

They also supply 18 international schools in Bangkok.

And then come KPK Food Service, from Pattaya.

Letters issued by lawyers of Mr. Harper, who copyrighted his products while the boss of the Western Wholesale Meat Company, demand that these companies remove all mention of ‘Fat Boy’ from their products, and letters seeking up to 5 million baht each in compensation.

Said Wayne Harper: “My lawyers are confident of winning in court.”

A spokesman for Asia West Foods said: “The matter has been passed onto our lawyers for consideration.”

As the report below shows, a version of which appeared in the London Times, the Embassy was quick to point out that they bought their bangers elsewhere.

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